Colorful Leaves and Trees

December 11, 2014

A red leaf in a bird bath.

A yellow and orange leaf.

A green and yellow leaf surrounded by other leaves.

Red and orange leafs on a Dogwood tree.

A red and orange leaf on a Dogwood tree.

What the trees used to look like before fall...

Perspective picture of a tree with green leaves.

Trees in the summer.

What the trees look like now...

Yellow and orange leaves on a tree.

The sun light on orange and yellow leaves on a tree.

A shadow of a tree on the leaves during the fall.

Yellow and green leaves on a tree.

Red, green, yellow, and orange leaves on tree branches.

Light green, red, orange, and yellow leaves on a tree.


I love all of the colors of the trees. My favorite picture has to be the picture of the shadow of the tree on all of the leaves on the ground.

Which picture is your favorite?


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