Cool Looking Clouds

December 14, 2014

Early on a cold morning, I woke up to a sound of Rocky barking. I came down to see what he was barking at. I found out he was barking at absolutely nothing.

I looked outside the window and I saw the clouds. I thought the clouds looked cool because of how they formed. The clouds looked like they were pulled apart.

Clouds and a blue sky.

Bright clouds and a blue sky.

Bright clouds, a blue sky, and trees.

Clouds and a light blue sky.


  1. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures. Very inspiring. Keep in touch

  2. great post,love the pictures. I just love looking at the sky
    great blog girl, very inspiring. check out my blog too.
    maybe we can inspire eachother? or maybe follow, let me know and I will follow you back :)

  3. Stunning pictures, Nature is love! Want to follow each other, maybe inspire each other? ;) Please let me know! Kisses!

  4. Thanks for following, dear, I'm your new follower too! Kisses


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