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December 31, 2014

Minnie, Chihuahua

Hello everybody and Happy New Years Eve! Today is a update post. Nothing really happened this month. During the holidays I didn't do much. I mostly watched Korean dramas, anime, taking and editing pictures, or writing blog posts.

Hopefully, you like the picture of Minnie above. It looks like she's watching the sunset behind the trees. It's one of the last pictures of Minnie from 2014.

Since nothing really happened this month, I'm going to show you my top seven favorite Korean dramas and anime I watched this year. Also, I will be sharing with you what you will see next year on my blog.

What you will see next year on my blog...

There will be one photo everyday. My DIY's, Fashion Saturday's, and Music Monday posts will still be posted. I haven't decided if I'll put the photo of the day in the same post as other posts that I make.

I was thinking of putting them in two different posts. I'll probably call it the photo of the day or something else with a number of the picture. I might use a different title with the number. You'll also still see some posts with lots of pictures in them along with the photo of the day or I might make them separate.

I might do something different with my Music Monday posts. I don't know what yet.

Next year, you'll see more videos. Like of Minnie and Rocky, outfit of the day types of videos, something about music, and other random videos. I will probably make more DIY posts and videos. I'm still thinking of the outfit of the day type of videos. Almost all of my t-shirts are band shirts.

Favorite Korean Dramas

1. My Love From Another Star
2. The Master's Sun
3. Shut Up Flower Boy Band also known as Shut Up and Let's Go
4. Heirs
5. Angel Eyes
6. Faith also known as The Great Doctor
7. Monstar

Favorite Anime

1. Attack on Titan
2. Sailor Moon Crystal
3. Kamisama Kiss
4. Noragami
5. Psycho-Pass
6. Tokyo Ravens
7. Vampire Knight

Those are my favorite dramas and anime that I watched this year. I haven't finished Faith or Angel Eyes yet but they're both starting off as really good dramas.

What's you favorite Korean drama or anime you watched this year? If you don't watch any dramas or anime, what's your favorite TV show you watched this year?

What do you want to see next year on my blog? More or less music, fashion, photography, or DIY's?

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  1. great post! and this dog is so cute :)
    Happy New Year darling! x



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