Fuzzy Caterpillars and Some Leaves

December 2, 2014

These two leaves look so cool of how they got caught in the fence. I wonder how the leaves got stuck in the fence. I love the colors of both of the leaves.

A yellow and orange leaf stuck in a fence.

A dark red leaf stuck in a fence.

I found a black and red caterpillar crawling next to a stair and some leaves. I don't know what the caterpillar is doing in the first picture. Maybe it's smelling the leaf for food.

A caterpillar and a red leaf.

A caterpillar crawling on leaves.

A black and red caterpillar crawling on leaves.

The caterpillars eyes are so cute. The caterpillar seemed like it wanted to come closer to the camera to see what it was.


Then, the caterpillar didn't seem to care anymore.



A few days later, I found the same type of a caterpillar crawling on the grass. He's a little smaller the other caterpillar.




This shadow looks so cool. The shadow looks like a grasshopper or a praying mantis.

A shadow on a wall from the sun and leaves.

This is one of the leaves that created the shadow on the wall.

A green leaf

I like how the sun shines on these heart shaped leaves. I also like how the sun moves and how the sun light moves over the leaves.

Heart shaped leaves

The sun shining on heart shaped leaves.

A green spiky ball from a tree in a bird bath.


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