My Favorite Albums, MV's, and Songs of 2014 Music Mondays

December 29, 2014

My Favorite Albums, MV's, and Songs of 2014 Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Today is the last Music Monday of 2014! Today's Music Monday is about my top ten favorite songs, music videos, and my top five favorite albums of 2014.

I'm rating everything by the first one in the list to be my favorite.

Favorite Songs

1. One More Yesterday by The Relapse Symphony
2.  Adrenaline by Girls Generation-TTS
3. Don't Touch Me by Ailee
4. Rock The World by Chad Future
5. Drag Me To The Grave by Black Veil Brides
6. Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens
7. Machines by Crown The Empire
8. Why Worry by Set It Off
9. Darling by Girl's Day
10. Danger by Taemin

Favorite Music Videos

1. Error by VIXX
2.  Goodbye Agony by Black Veil Brides
3. Boy In Luv by BTS
4. Witch by Boyfriend
5. War of Hormone by BTS
6. Good Luck by Beast
7.Solo Day by B1A4
8. Mamacita by Super Junior
9. Overdose by EXO
10. Mr. Mr. by Girls Generation

Favorite Albums

1. Black Veil Brides IV
2. Dark & Wild by BTS
3. Magazine by Ailee
4. Savages by Breathe Carolina
5. Holler by Girls Generation-TTS

I have so many favorite other songs, music videos, and albums but these are probably my favorite this year. What's your favorite song, music video, and album from 2014?

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