The Plotting Squirrel and So Many Birds!

December 3, 2014

These clouds look like a school of fish or dolphins swimming in the ocean and through coral reefs. One of the clouds next to the trees on the right looks like someone is riding a magic carpet.

Clouds that look like fish and dolphins.

These clouds look like people riding on horses. The cloud in the middle looks like a praying mantis sitting on a tree limb. The praying mantis also looks like it's riding a horse too.

Clouds that look like horses and a praying mantis.

The cloud that's kind of in the middle of this picture looks like a vultures head and half of it's body and it's wings are open. The same cloud also looks like a giraffe that's going to eat some leaves from the trees. It also looks like a Pterodactyl.

Clouds that look like a bird, a giraffe, and a dinosaur.

It was so cold on December 1st, that these leaves got frozen in this bird bath. I took the pictures of the clouds and this picture of these frozen leaves on first of December.

Leaves in some ice.

Last week on November 24th...

While I was looking outside my window, I happen to spot this squirrel running up this tree and then the squirrel sat on a broken tree limb that was in the tree. The squirrel was also eating something.

It looks like the squirrel is watching Minnie bark and is laughing at her. It could be an evil squirrel! Maybe the squirrel is plotting something against Minnie.

Squirrel in a tree.

One the same day that I saw the squirrel, there were hundreds of birds flying in the sky. I saw the squirrel after all of the birds were gone.

Here's a video of all or most of the birds in the sky.

If you can't see the video click here.

What do you think the squirrel is thinking?

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