2 Inspired Outfits From Hyunseung's "Ma First" MV

May 18, 2015

Hello everybody! Today's Music Monday is another inspired outfit and mini review of a song. Today's inspired outfit and song is for Jang Hyunseung's, from the band Beast, song called "Ma First" featuring Giriboy.

The Inspired Outfits

The outfits are inspired from the beginning of the music video. The outfit on the left is inspired by Hyunseung and the outfit on the right is inspired from the girl. Lots of people in the comments section of the music video were saying her name was Hwang Seung Eon.

The outfit on the left includes a black tank top, blue skinny jeans, and black Converse. The accessories are a silver necklace shaped as the sun with a circle around it and a black and grey bracelet. The bracelet says "I lost my Heart in the music".

The outfit on the right includes floral tank top, black skinny jeans, and black heels. The accessories are silver and gold rings and  black, gold, and silver bracelets.

2 Inspired Outfits From Hyunseung "Ma First" MV

My Mini Review of "Ma First"

Hyuenseung solo debut song is really good. I like the vocals of Hyunseung and Giriboy. The beat of the song is good. The dancing looks really good too.

If you can't see the video click here.

Question Time!

What do you think of Hyunseung's solo debut song and music video? What do you think of both of the inspired outfits and which one is your favorite? What artist should I do a inspired outfit on next?

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  1. Awesome outfits!
    Love, Annluck

  2. so nice day and night look
    i love it!!
    pls send me a questions its Q&A on my last post :)
    Have a great week!
    Isidora http://highheelpoodl.blogspot.com


Hello! Thanks for your comment! :) I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Make sure to come back to see if I replied back, for new posts, and put your blog link in your comment and I'll check your blog out. I love to read your comments! :D

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