EXID Inspired Outfit Idea from Ah Yeah Music Mondays

May 4, 2015

Hello everybody! Today I'm have a different type of post for you all. Every other Monday I was thinking of doing inspired outfits along with the song.

EXID Inspired Outfit Idea

Today's outfit is inspired from EXID's newest music video from "Ah Yeah". The outfits I got the inspiration from are at a choreography part of music video in front of the manikins or you could look at the thumbnail for the music video.

The outfit includes a white denim jacket, a sleeveless black top, high waisted shorts, and black boots with gold studs on the heel. The accessories are black and gold bracelets, rings, and a gold necklace that says "I'm Bored". The last item is a black beanie that says "Neverland".

I love everything in this outfit. The reason why I chose the "Neverland" beanie is because it reminds me of the band U-KISS's song "Neverland". I would love to wear it to a concert like Vans Warped Tour, a EXID concert, or any other Korean pop band or singer's concert.

EXID Inspired Outfit for "Ah Yeah" Fashion

My Mini Review of EXID's New Music Video

EXID's new song "Ah Yeah" is so catchy. Their dance looks amazing and it also looks fun to dance too. I love their clothes as well. Their music video is really good too.

If you can't see the video click here.

Question Time!

What do you think of my EXID inspired outfit idea and their new music video? Should I do more of these? I would probably do one of these every other Monday. I will probably do artist's in K-pop, rock, and metal music in these types of posts. Which band or singer should I do a inspired outfit on next?

Don't forget to check out today's photo of the day!


  1. Great selection!
    Happy week,

  2. Well put together. Great choices of ensemble. :-)


  3. Ahhh, I love the "I'm Bored" necklace!!




  4. Love the idea <3


  5. Yessss! This outfit is a definite yes, and I think you should do more of these inspiration outfits!

    May x • The MaydenBloglovin'


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