A Fall Dresslink Wishlist*

July 24, 2015

Hello everybody! Today, I have a Dresslink wishlist for you all.

*I was provided with free clothing to review in return for a wishlist blog post of clothing from their website. All of the opinions and thoughts in this blog post are my own and are not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way. I'm not getting paid from the links in this post. I only reviewed the clothing based on pictures and not the actual product. Also please note none of these pictures are mine these all belong to Dresslink.*

DressLink, a company from China, contacted me not to long ago. They asked me to do a wishlist and review some of their items.

My final thoughts are at the bottom of this post.

All links are at the end of the post. My wish list consists of a few items:

The first item I chose was this long sleeve t-shirt. It looks really cute for fall.

The second thing I chose was this skirt. The skirt comes in lots of colors. I love the black skirt the best.

The third thing I chose is this dress. I love the design of this dress. It also comes it grey but I love the black one the best.

The fourth item is this long sleeve t-shirt. I really like the design of this shirt. It would be great for a concert or a date.

The second to last item I have chosen is a also a beautiful shirt. It would be perfect for a date.

The last thing thing I have chosen is this jacket. The jacket reminds of the outfits for EXID's "Ah Yeah".

Here are the links to these items:

Final Thoughts

I love all these items, they all look really cute. I will be receiving some of these items as well. It will be in a fall outfit of the day or a different kind of post in the future.

I highly recommend reading the most recent reviews before buying anything from here or buy a item from a different store you know, most especially if you're worried about any of the issues that they have or you can check out the review I made by clicking here.

What do you think of the wishlist?

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