15 Holiday Dress Ideas

November 21, 2015

15 Holiday Dress Ideas

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to give fifteen dress ideas for Christmas, homecoming, prom, and other events. All of these dresses are great for elegant events and the dresses would work for other events as well.

1. Black Chiffon One Shoulder Dress

I love this black dress. The beading and the style of the sleeve on the dress makes it look very pretty.

Black Chiffon One Shoulder Dress

2. Black Chiffon Sweetheart Dress

I love how the beading is on this and the style of dress.

 Black Chiffon Sweetheart Dress

3. Beaded Black Chiffon Dress

I totally love the beading on this dress and the design.

Beaded Black Chiffon Dress

4. Sweetheart Simple Burgundy

I love the colors of red and how flowy the bottom part of this dress is.

Sweetheart Simple Burgundy

I love the detail of the top part of the dress.

Sweetheart Simple Burgundy

5. Purple One Shoulder Dress

The beading on the strap and the color of this dress is very pretty.

Purple One Shoulder Dress

6. Orange Chiffon Dress

This dress is perfect for a summer wedding and it's a very pretty.
Orange Chiffon Dress

7. Strapless White Dress

This dress will be perfect for a brides dress. The black tie makes the dress unique.

Strapless White Dress

8. One Shoulder Black Short Mini Tulle

The design of the beading and the style on this dress is so beautiful.

One Shoulder Black Short Mini Tulle

9. Purple Chiffon Dress

I really like the beading and the style of this dress.

Purple Chiffon Dress

10. Black Halter Dress

I love the style of this dress because of the lace and of the gold belt.

Black Halter Dress

11. Watermelon Chiffon Dress

The black lace and the color of pink looks very pretty. This dress would work perfectly for a summer indoor or outdoor event.

Watermelon Chiffon Dress

12. Pink Lace Dress

I love the lace and the color of the pink of the dress.

Pink Lace Dress

13. White Chiffon Dress

I love this white dress and the lace of this dress looks very pretty.

White Chiffon Dress

14. White Lace Dress

I love the lace and the sequins of the belt.

White Lace Dress

15. Pink Chiffon Dress

I love how pink this dress is and the white lace.

Pink Chiffon Dress

All of these dresses came from a site called Dressesofgirl. Dressesofgirl sells long and Prom Dresses and other types of dresses that would work for any type of event. They like to pay attention to detail and they use top quality fabrics. They have dresses in many different styles. They look classic and elegant.

All of their dress are so gorgeous. These dresses also come in different colors and styles. Some of these dresses are also under $200. Some of these dresses would work perfectly if you wanted to go to a Christmas, New Year's Day, or another holiday event.

Their dresses have beautiful designs. For example, the lace, and beading, and design of the dresses make them look pretty and unique.

Which dress is your favorite? It's hard to pick a favorite but I think my favorite has to be numbers one  four, and fifteen.

I definitely recommend you check the Dressesofgirl site out. They have really beautiful dresses.

This post is sponsored by Dressesofgirl.

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