October Outift Of The Month & Dresslink Haul*

November 1, 2015

Hello everybody! Today, I have a outfit of the month to show you. It is also the stuff I got from Dresslink. If you remember I made a post about it back it July. You can read it by clicking here.

Before we continue to the rest of the post here's a important note:

*I was provided with free clothing to review in return for a wishlist blog post of clothing from their website. All of the opinions and thoughts in this blog post are my own and are not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way. I'm not getting paid from the links in this post.

Since I was sent this stuff the shipping time and the quality may vary buy a lot.*

The picked out the clothes at beginning of August and I got the clothes at the end of August. So, it took approximately a month until I got the clothes but the shipping time may be longer for you based on reviews on other websites. The clothes I got from Dresslink is a oversized t-shirt, skirt, and a necklace. 

My final thoughts about this store are at the bottom.

All of these items are from Dresslink.

The outfit includes:

Black Leggings (From Unknown Store)
Black Heels (From Unknown Store)

I do like this oversized t-shirt that I stuck into the skirt but I did notice there's a few pieces of thread that weren't cut off of the inside but they can be cut off.

Black t-shirt, skirt, and golden necklace

The skirt is really cute but the skirt is a little to short for me so that's why I'm wearing the leggings. It's also very tight around my waist. I found that I had to pull it down more.

So if you ever purchase a skirt similar to this keep the size of your waist and the length in mind.

Black leggings and skirt

The leopard necklace is cute. I don't have any issues over it but it does have a black cut out on the back of it that's not connected to it. I'm not sure why it was made like that.

Golden necklace

Final Thoughts

The clothes are cute but the skirt is small and there was a few strings hanging off of the shirt.

I highly recommend reading the most recent reviews before buying anything from Dresslink or buy something from a different store you know most especially if you're worried of the shipping issues and the quality of the items you want.

What do you think of October's outfit of the month?


  1. That is seriously so cute! I enjoyed seeing the outfit in motion, lol. Great editing, too, btw.


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