15 Holiday Dress Ideas #2

December 5, 2015

15 More Holiday Dress Ideas

 Hello everybody! Today's is part two of holiday dresses. These are so elegant and beautiful. They can work for holiday events and other types of events.

1. Pink Lace Dress

 This dress has pretty beading and the style of the dress is very pretty too.

Pink Lace Dress

2. Lilac Lace Dress

This dress is elegant and the color is very pretty. I love the design of the train of the dress.

Lilac Lace Dress

3. Pink Chiffon Lace Dress

I really like the lace on top of the dress, the style, and how long the dress is.

Pink Chiffon Lace Dress

4. Red Lace Dress

I love the color of red and the lace on this dress. It's perfect if you want to wear red on Christmas.

Red Lace Dress

5. Red Halter Chiffon Dress

This dress is perfect for Christmas too. The dress has beautiful beading and the style of the dress is pretty and elegant.

Red Halter Chiffon Dress

6. Blue Lace Dress

I really like the lace the style of the lace and the beading on this dress.

Blue Lace Dress

7. Royal Blue Chiffon Dress

I really like the style of this dress.

Royal Blue Chiffon Dress

8. Sweetheart Blue Chiffon Dress

I really like the style and the beading of this blue dress. 

Sweetheart Blue Chiffon Dress

9. Purple Sweetheart Chiffon Dress

I love this purple dress and the style of top of the dress, the beading on the belt, and the style on the bottom of the dress.

Purple Sweetheart Chiffon Dress

10. Black Lace and Blue Dress

I love the black lace and how the color shows underneath the lace.

Black Lace and Blue Dress

11. Black Lace One Shoulder Dress

I really like the style of this dress. 

Black Lace One Shoulder Dress

12. Black Lace Dress

The style of this dress is really pretty. I love the shoulder of the dress.

Black Lace Dress

13. Black Chiffon Dress

I love the beading, how long it is, and the style all over is very pretty.

Black Chiffon Dress

14. White Lace and Red Dress

I love the bottom of the this dress. This is a really pretty dress.

White Lace and Red Dress

15. Black Dress

I love the style of this dress. This dress is my favorite out of them all.

Black Dress

All of these dresses are all pretty, beautiful, and elegant looking. I love the last two dresses. I love the style and colors of the last two dresses.

All of these dresses are from a site called Dressesofgirl. They have beautiful dresses that work perfectly for holidays, prom, and for other events. A lot of the dresses work perfectly for bridesmaids dresses. I love all of their Prom Dresses US line in their store.

Their dresses come in many different colors and styles. They also offer to make a custom size if the dress doesn't come in the right size.

Dressesofgirl offer free shipping on orders over $299, you can earn a 10% reward on every order, and when you sign up to their site you can you get a $5 off coupon.

Which dress is your favorite?

This is a sponsored post Dressesofgirl.


  1. Pretty dresses perfect for this holiday season, my favorite is the 12th dress ;)

    The Flower Duet

  2. Good entry , thanks for stopping by my blog!!Happy Sunday !!


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