15 Holiday Dress Ideas #3

December 19, 2015

15 Holiday Dress Ideas #3

Hello everybody! Today is another holiday dress idea post. All of these dresses are pretty and perfect for every holiday occasion.

1. White Strapless Dress

This dress would work great for a beach party. It's a very pretty and elegant dress.

White Strapless Dress

2. White Chiffon Dress

The color and the style of this dress is very pretty.

White Chiffon Dress

3. White Beaded Dress

This dress is gorgeous. I love the beading and the style of this dress.

White Beaded Dress

4. White Long Dress

I love the style of this dress. The top part of the dress is pretty

White Long Dress

5. White and Gold Dress

The gold and silver beading on this dress makes the dress look elegant and beautiful.

White and Gold Dress

6. Beige Dress

The style and the color of the dress is very pretty.

Beige Dress

7. Beaded Dress

The layout of beads and the dress looks very pretty.

Beaded Dress

8. A Light Pink Dress

This pink dress is a very pretty color of pink. The beads look very pretty too.

A Light Pink Dress

9. Red Long Dress

The style and the color of this dress is very pretty.

Red Long Dress

10. Sparkly Red Dress

This dress has beautiful red sequins and style of the dress.

Sparkly Red Dress

11. Red Dress

The silver beading, the style, and the color of the dress makes the dress look elegant. The color is very pretty.

Red Dress

12. Purple and Beaded Dress

The color and how the beads are laid on this dress makes the dress look very pretty. The shoulder of the dress looks very pretty.

Purple and Beaded Dress

13. Purple Dress

I love the jewels, the color, and the style of this dress.

Purple Dress

14. Long Black Lace Dress

The lace and the style makes this dress look really pretty.

Long Black Lace Dress

15. Black Dress

I love the beading at the top and the style of this dress.

Black Dress

This will probably be the last holiday dresses idea post for this year. Time flies by so fast.

All of these dresses are from a site called Dressesofgirl. They have dresses that would work for every occasion. For instance, these dresses will be prefect for the holidays, beach events, and other events like prom or homecoming. They could even work for bridesmaids dresses.These dresses can be customized for instance you can change the the height and width of the dress to fit your size. You can also change the color of the dresses.

Dressesofgirl has free shipping over $299, you earn rewards 10% back on every order, and if you register you get a $5 coupon. They also have a new line for Prom Dresses 2016. The dresses they have are very pretty and elegant. I definitely recommend checking Dressesofgirl out.

My favorite dresses are the last two dresses. I love the style of these two dresses.

What do you think of these dresses? Which dresses are your favorite?

This is a sponsored post Dressesofgirl.

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