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January 1, 2016

I hope you guys like this picture. I caught her while she was yawning and she is surprised. :D I wished it was better picture though.

Today's post is the first post of the year! I have updates on what I'm doing this year on this blog.

Blog and Post Updates

I'm going to change the look of my blog very soon. I'll probably change the colors and the header of my blog.

Also, I'm actually changing the way the posts will done. I will not be posting everyday like last year. I will posting on Friday's through Mondays. One thing though is I don't know if I will post like that all the time. I might change it through the year. Here's a run down on what I might do this year:

Friday's: Photography post and every other Friday or after every two weeks. Includes Instagram posts.

Saturday's: A fashion post

Sunday's: A DIY or fashion post and YouTube video post

Monday's: I haven't decided yet but I was I thing a the month. So, I gather more songs and more inspired outfits.

I was also thinking two DIY's a week but I don't know yet.

This drives me on to the next topic:

YouTube and Instagram

I'm starting to upload every week on my YouTube channel. The videos are about fashion and DIY's. I was also thinking of doing it twice a week. To subscribe to my channel click here .

I have Instagram now and my Instagram name is: @pumpkinemily and you can follow by clicking here.

You'll see posts on here from Instagram and normal pictures as well that upload to Blogger.

Google Changes GFC

If you all still use GFC, by January 11 Google will be removing the ability for people to sign up with their Twitter, Yahoo, or over providers. So this means your follower count will be going down. I thought you should let you know if you are wondering follower count goes down.

I'm not getting rid of GFC. I'm still keeping it.

You can check out more about GFC by clicking here.

Question Time!

Do you have any DIY ideas? What do you think of picture of Minnie?

Happy New Year!


  1. Adorei o bocejo! hahaha! ;D

    Esse negócio do GFC é super chato... Espero que mudem de ideia!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  2. Happy New Year :) I think posting 4 days out of the week is still incredible, I don't know how you do it!

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