3 Summer Day to Night Outfits

May 7, 2017

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to show three ideas for a day to night outfits. The three outfits can be easy to put together. You can wear the outfits all day and then you can change the outfits to where you can wear them out at night with your friends.

All three of these outfits have earrings from the company called AUrate. They gave me inspiration for this post. You can check out their earrings collection on their site. This is not sponsored.

Outfit #1

You can wear this outfit during the day. Then, you can take off the sunglasses, take the Converse (or if you prefer wear the Converse) off, and put on those heels for night on the town with your friends.

In this outfit I have included:

Outfit #2

For this outfit, you can wear the dress with the flats during the day. You could have a day date.

Then, at night you can put the jacket on and the heels. You can wear this outfit at a concert.

In this outfit I have included:

Outfit #3

These last outfits, you can wear the crop top, shorts, plaid shirt, and the boots during the day.

At night you can change into a dress, wear the same boots or heels, and wear a jacket.

Both of these outfits can be worn at concert.

In this outfit I have included:


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