3 Notebook Cover Ideas | Polka Dot Notebook, Watermelon Notebook, & a Moon Notebook Cover

July 27, 2017

3 Notebook Cover Ideas | Polka Dot Notebook, Watermelon Notebook, & a Moon Notebook Cover

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make these notebook covers.

What you will need for all of these notebook covers...

cardstock paper
a notebook
and a hole puncher for the polka dot notebook cover

For all of these notebook covers, trace the cover of the notebook on to a piece of cardstock paper with a pencil. Then cut the cover out with scissors.

Polka Dots Notebook

Notebook Cover Idea Polka Dot Notebook

Take the hole puncher and a strip of paper and punch a hole into it. Use this as a stencil or free hand paint polka dots on to the cardstock. If you're using the strip of paper as a stencil pick up the stencil slowly so the dots don't get ruined. You can paint all of the dots the same or different sizes.

Watermelon Notebook Cover

Notebook Cover Idea Watermelon Notebook

Draw and paint in a watermelon. I added a face and seeds to the watermelon and some seeds all over the cover. I also added the word "Notes" to the front of the cover by writing the word with a pen on to the cover.

Moon Notebook Cover

Notebook Cover Idea Moon Notebook Cover

Draw and paint a moon on to the cover.

How to Attach the Covers:

All you have to do to add the covers to your notebook is to glue them on to the front of the notebook.

Final Thoughts!

All of these notebooks covers are really cute! What you think about these notebook ideas?

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