July 12, 2017

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make this BLACKPINK candle jar.

You will need...

masking tape
clear tape
pink and black paint
fake candle
x-acto knife

Draw the letters to their name onto the masking tape and cut all of them out with a x-acto knife.

Take a long piece of clear tape and place the long side of the tape where it would meet the middle of the jar.

Place the letters for the word black on to the jar above the tape.

Paint on the top above the tape and over the letters.

When the paint is dry peel off the clear tape and masking tape letters.

If there is paint leftovers where the letters are you clean up by scratching off of the paint using the x-acto knife.

For the bottom part of the jar you don't need the clear tape. 

Put the word pink under where the paint line ends.

Then paint the bottom part of the jar.

When dry take off the letters. If there's paint under the letters scratch it off with a x-acto knife

Then put a fake candle inside the jar and put a bow or whatever you would like on the jar. I put this string of beads on to the jar.

That's it!

Question Time!

What do you think about this DIY and what's your favorite song by BLACKPINK?

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