DIY Chalkboard Notebook | Back to School Notebook Idea

July 17, 2017

DIY Chalkboard Notebook Back to School Notebook Idea

Hello! I'm going to show you how to make this notebook cover design. The design includes a tiny chalkboard on it. I think this notebook is a great way to spice up your school supplies.

You will need...

Chalkboard paint and two colors of acrylic paint
colorful tape like washi tape
a wireless notebook or a notebook with a wire will work
a stencil of any any shape you would like I used a hexagon

1. Take the cover of the notebook and trace it on to the cardstock paper. Then you can cut it out. After you are done cutting, make sure the cardstock paper fits on the cover.

2. Print or draw out your stencil you want to use and cut it out. Place the stencil on to the middle of the cardstock paper. You can take the ruler to measure the stencil to the middle of the paper.

3. Then you can trace the shape on to the cardstock paper.

4. Take one side of the ruler and place it onto the corner of the paper. The other side of the ruler goes to the diagonal corner of the paper. Then draw a line along the ruler to create a straight line but don't draw the lines over the shape.

5. Then make another diagonal with the corner and follow the same steps as the first line. You should have an "X" behind your shape.

6. Now you can paint your design in. I painted the top and bottom white and the longer sides of the design pink. I painted the shape with chalkboard paint.

7. I added this piece of scrapbook paper to the front of the design and I glued and taped it on with this sparkly tape.

8. I put the cover on to the notebook by taping in it on with sparkly tape. I placed half of the tape on the cover and then I wrapped it around to the inside of the notebook cover

Put tape around the rest of the notebook by following the same steps. If you don't have a wire on your notebook you can add tape to the binding of the notebook too.

You can also glue the cover on. You can do this instead of taping the cover on.

You can put anything thing you want on the chalkboard part of the notebook. Like a school subject or a smiley face.

DIY Chalkboard Notebook Back to School Notebook Idea

Final Thoughts

I think this notebook design is perfect for school or a cute cove idea for a sketchbook. In the comments down below let me know what you think about this notebook design.


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