5 Organization & Study Tips

August 21, 2017

5 Organization & Study Tips How To Study Better for High School & College Study Tips

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you some tips that will help you to study better when you're in high school or college. By showing you some study tips on how to study better, you should be able to focus more on studying and not to forget to do anything. I'll also be showing some ways that you can organize your year with a bullet journal or a planner so you don't when a test or another date is.

Tip #1

The first tip is to plan ahead by using a planner or you can have your own bullet journal. A bullet journal or a planner can help you stay organized. It can help you plan what days you need to study and what day the test is on.

To create a bullet journal, all you will need is some kind of notebook, a pen or a pencil, and a ruler.

First, I'll show you how to make a to do list for you bullet journal or planner. If your planner has any extra pages or a notes section use that for a list.

Bullet Journal To Do List

All you have to do for the list is to draw out a line with a ruler and a pen. Write whatever you would like above the line to show what kind of list it is. You can put the words "To Do" at the top.

Now you can write your list. You can put a box next to the words so that when you get the task done you can put a check mark there so you know you got it done.

The second thing you can make and use in a planner or a bullet journal is a calendar.

Bullet Journal calendar

If your using a bullet journal, draw out a calendar in the bullet journal and write each number of each day and the name of each day at the top. Then you can color code test dates and what days you need to study into your planner or a bullet journal. The planner or the bullet journal will help you stay organized for the year.

The third thing you can use or make is a weekly page. It's simple just like the other ones write everything thing you have to do that week and make sure you get it done that day. You can use this as a to do list and you can use this instead of a calendar because you can write out more tasks.

Bullet Journal weekly page

Tip #2

The second tip is to highlight all of your words to the definitions. This will help you see the difference between all of words and to their definitions. All you have to do is highlight the words.

notebook and a pen, highlight words to help for studying

Tip #3

The third tip is to cover the definitions with a piece of paper. Take the piece of paper and cover the definition to the words and move the paper down to see of you got it right.

Tip #4

The next tip is to take breaks. If you take a break it can help you stay focused more. You can study for about 30 to 45 minutes and go listen to some music, check Instagram, eat a snack, or you can do whatever you want.

a cell phone, a notebook, and a pen, take breaks

Tip #5

The final tip is to summarize a page with a post it note or a piece of paper. This will help you find something easier and help study for any test. Take a post it note or a piece of paper and write a summary of the page. Then put the paper into the book and have the page number or chapter hang out of it so you can find it easy.

summarize a page with a post it note or a piece of paper

5 Organization & Study Tips | How To Study Better for High School & College Study Tips

and that's all of the tips that I have for you! I hope all of these tips help you for this year and the following years. In the comments down below let me know some of study tips that help you to study.


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