10 Morning Life Hacks & DIY's | Tips To Avoid Being Late for School or Work

September 6, 2017

10 Morning Life Hacks & DIY's | Tips To Avoid Being Late for School or Work

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you ten morning life hacks and tips to help you avoid being late for school, work, or whatever else you have to do that day. I also show you two DIY's and a few things that can help you get ready in the morning to start your day.


The first tip is to make a smoothie in the morning. You can prepare the fruit or vegetables at night before you go to bed. If you want to you can put them in a bag and freeze them. In the morning you can take the fruit or vegetables in a blender to make a smoothie. You can put strawberries, bananas, spinach, or whatever you would like into the smoothie. You can take this smoothie with or you can drink it before you leave.


The second tip is to pack all of the things you need before you leave in the morning. This can help you not forget to leave anything at home like important documents or homework.


The first DIY I'll show you how to make is these clothing tags.

What you will need for this DIY is scissors, a marker, a pencil, a hole puncher, paper of any color, and a stencil of the same you want the tags to be.

Trace your stencil onto the paper you are using for the tags, make seven of them, and cut all of them out.

Punch a hole onto each tag with the hole puncher.

Take the scissors and cut where the hole is so the tags can hang on the hangers with your clothes.

Take the marker and write the whole word of the day or just the first letter or the first two letters of the day onto the tags.

Put the tags onto the hanger with your clothes and put it into your closet. These clothing tags can help you plan your outfits for the week.


The fourth tip is to put your phone farther away from your bed. By putting your bed farther away from your bed, your annoying alarm will make you get out of your bed and help you start your day.


The next tip is to not hit snooze and get out of bed to get ready for your day. If you don't hit the snooze button once it goes off, you won't fall back asleep, wake up up at later time, and end up being late.


This brings me to the next tip which is to wake up at earlier time. If you wake up at earlier time you will get things done in morning and get everything thing you need before you leave.


The last DIY I'll show you how to make is this to do list with post it notes.

What you will need for this DIY is any color of paper you want to use, a pencil, scissors, a marker, post it notes, and picture frame.

Trace the back of the frame onto the paper that you are using.

Then, cut on the lines that you just created so it fits into the frame. 

Write the word to do or whatever you would like at the top of the piece of paper.

Put the glass and the piece of paper into the frame.

Pull the backing of the post it notes off and place it onto the glass of the frame. The post it notes should stick to the glass of the frame.

You can take a post it note off, write a task on it, and stick it it the glass. Take the post it note off when your done with a task.


The next tip is to plan out your morning before you go to bed. You can make a to do list on a piece of paper, in a bullet journal, or in your phone. Then, when you get done with a task you can check mark it off.


Something that you can do in the morning if you have time is to read a book. You can start off your day by having breakfast and reading your book.


The last tip is to make a music playlist. Make the playlist the same amount of time from when you wake up to when you leave. For an example if you got 20 min before you leave in the morning then make a 20 min playlist.

Question of the Day!

and that's it! In the comments down below let me know some of the life hacks that you use in morning that help you avoid being late.

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