7 Glue Gun Life Hacks & DIY's

September 15, 2017

7 Glue Gun Life Hacks & DIY's

Hello! in this video I'm going to show you seven glue gun life hacks and DIY's.I'll show you how to make pixie pebbles and how to make paper gems. I also show you some life hacks that will help you everyday.

DIY Pixie Pebbles

The first DIY are these cute pixie stones or glitter glue pebbles. I found this really cute DIY on Pinterest and it's from the blogger Pirates and Pixies. Check out her blog post by clicking here.

DIY Pixie Pebbles

Pour some glitter into a heat resistance bowl.

Take your glue gun and put a puddle of glue onto the glitter.

Wait five seconds and pour more glitter on top of the glue.

Wait five minutes before you pick it so the glue drys.

DIY Paper Gems

The next DIY is also a life hack and they are these paper jewels. This works as a DIY and a life hack because the glue from the glue gun drys faster that normal glue or a glue glue stick.

DIY Paper Gems

Print and cut a jewel template. I put a link in the description to where I found the templates that I used. Click to see the templates

Trace the template on to a piece of scrapbook paper or cardstock paper and cut it out.

Draw lines on where the folds on and the fold on the lines.

Put the glue from the glue gun where the folds and put the shape together.

It's so much easier to glue 3D shapes together like this.

DIY Glue Heart Stencil

DIY Glue Heart Stencil

Take a piece of wax paper and place it onto a flat surface.

Take the glue gun and make any shape you want onto the wax paper. This might take a couple of times before you get the right shape.

When the glue is dry, cut the stencil out and peel the stencil off of the paper. If the stencil sticks to the paper then peel off the paper from the stencil.

Now you can use the stencil and paint inside of it to create a shape.

Life Hack for Hangers

Life Hack for Hangers

The next life hack is to help clothes not fall off of hangers.

Take a hanger that doesn't have a hooks to keep clothes on the hanger and take your glue gun and make a zigzag shape onto the hanger.

Life Hack for Jars

Life Hack for Jars

This life hack will prevent jar from moving.

Put four drops of glue on to a bottom of a jar.

DIY Painted Jar

DIY Painted Jar

The last DIY is this painted jar with a word on the front of it.

Take your glue gun and make a word on to the jar.

When the glue drys, paint the jar.

You can tie a bow onto the jar.

Life Hack to Clean Up Your Glue Gun

While your glue gun is still on, take a piece of tin foil and wrap it around the metal of the glue gun and use the tin foil as a rag.

Final Thoughts

and that's it! All of these DIY's are really cute and these life hacks are ways to help you. In the comments down below let me know what you think about these life hacks and DIY's.

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