DIY Donut Mobile

October 5, 2017

DIY Donut Mobile

Hello! Today I'm going to show how to make a donut mobile.

You will need a hoop, string, cardstock paper, scissors, and tape 

First create or print out some donuts on cardstock. I'll put a link in the description to where I found the donut pictures. Make enough so there is a donut on each side of the string. Then cut out the donuts.

Now take a piece of string and tie the string about half way on the hoop so you have string left to tie a knot to hang the mobile up. You should have string on both sides of the hoop. Do this all the way around the hoop and make each string longer.

Now take all the strings at the top and tie all of the strings together to make a knot.

You can now take the donuts and place the string on back of one donut. Then you can put the tape on the string and donut. Lastly place another donut on top.

and that's it! I think this DIY is perfect for any room. The question of the day is "What is your favorite flavor of frosting for donuts?".

DIY Donut Mobile

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