DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

October 14, 2017

DIY Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

I'm going to show you seven DIY Halloween costumes that you can find in your closet and make yourself. These DIY Halloween costumes are easy to make and easy to put together. You can find some of these DIY Halloween costumes from your closet.

The seven DIY costumes are the inspired Cheshire cat costume, rock star costume, detective costume, pirate costume, M&M costume, Little Red Riding Hood costume, and Boo from Monsters Inc costume.

Lets get started!

DIY Cheshire Cat Costume

DIY Cheshire Cat Costume

For this Cheshire Cat costume you will have to make a smile on the shirt by drawing and cutting out a smile out of paper or fabric. Then, you can pin or tape the smile to the t-shirt or hold the smile instead.

What you can wear for this costume is a black or a striped t-shirt or you wear a striped cardigan. You can also wear black jeans or shorts, black shoes, and a cat ear headband to become Cheshire Cat.

DIY Rock Star Costume

DIY Rock Star Costume

For this rock star costume you can wear a leather jacket, black t-shirt or a band t-shirt, black jeans, and shoes. You can also add a instrument that you can carry to this costume like a guitar.

DIY Detective Costume

DIY Detective Costume

For the detective costume all you have to wear is the outfit as the rock star costume and get rid of the guitar and get a magnify glass and some glasses to become a detective.

DIY Pirate Costume

DIY Pirate Costume

For this pirate costume all you have to wear is a white long sleeve shirt, black jeans, boots, a necklace, a bracelet, a cardigan, and tie a scarf around you waist. You can also wear a bandanna or a hat.

DIY M&M Costume

DIY M&M Costume

For this M&M costume cut out a lower case m out of some white fabric and cut it out. Then, you can pin or tape the lower case m to a t-shirt.

Then you can wear black jeans and shoes to finish the outfit.

DIY Little Red Riding Hood Costume

DIY Little Red Riding Hood Costume

For this next costume, all you would have to do is wear any outfit, wrap a red blanket around you and hold a basket to become Little Red Riding Hood.

DIY Boo from Monsters Inc Costume

DIY Boo from Monsters Inc Costume

For the last costume all you have to wear is a pink shirt, purple jeans, and white or black shoes to become Boo from Monsters Inc.

and that's it! In the comments down below let me know what you are going to be for Halloween.

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