DIY Tin Can Cat Windsock

October 4, 2017

DIY Tin Can Cat Windsock

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a tin can windsock that looks like a cat and perfect for Halloween.

What you will need for this DIY is a tin can, a nail, a hammer, a towel, twine or string, scissors, a paintbrush, cardstock paper, a pencil, ribbon, plastic eyes, paint,  a glue gun and spray paint.

Empty and rinse out a can. Then put the can onto a towel and put a nail in the middle of the can. Then hammer the nail into the can until you get a hole. Then pull the nail out and make the hole big enough for string or twine to go though.

Now you can spray paint the can any color you want.

Draw and cut out two ears. If you want you can paint the ears.

Then fold the ears at the bottom of each ear and glue them to the top of the tin can.

Glue the eyes onto the tin can.

Then paint the nose, whiskers, and the month onto the tin can.

Run the twine or the string through the top of the tin cans hole that was created earlier and pull through to the other side and tie a knot. Pull the twine or string back though the hole.

The knot on the sting or the twine will prevent the string or the twine from coming out of the can.

Then tie a loop so the tin can hang. Make sure the twine or the string doesn't come out of the can by picking it up.

Cut some strips of ribbon and glue the ribbon inside of bottom the tin can.

Now you can hang it up wherever you like.

Final Thoughts!

and that's it! I think this DIY is really cute and it's a perfect DIY Halloween decoration. In the comments down below let me know what you think about this DIY.

DIY Tin Can Cat Windsock

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