DIY Thanksgiving Jar

November 1, 2017

DIY Thanksgiving Jar How to Make a Thanksgiving Jar DIY Centerpiece

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a Thanksgiving jar. This DIY Thanksgiving jar would make a perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece on a table. This DIY centerpiece is really easy to do.

Lets get started!

If you want to watch the video version of this DIY, here it is:

What you will need for this DIY is a jar, paint, a paintbrush, a piece of paper, twine, and scissors.

1. First put the jar onto a piece of paper to avoid paint from getting everywhere.

2. Paint the jar with two or more coats of paint onto the jar.

3. When the paint is dry, paint on the words "Give Thanks" or another word or sentence onto the jar. If you want you can draw some leaves or hearts onto the jar too.

4. The last thing you have to do is tie a bow with twine onto the jar and trim the twine if you need too.

You can put anything that you want into this jar. Like you can put a candle or flowers into the jar.

and that's it! In the comments down below let me know what you think about this DIY Thanksgiving jar.

DIY Thanksgiving Jar How to Make a Thanksgiving Jar DIY Centerpiece

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