DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

March 19, 2018

DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

I'm going to show you how to make a crescent moon dreamcatcher and this DIY crescent moon dreamcatcher is really easy to make. This moon dreamcatcher is a very cute DIY room decor idea that's perfect for any room.

Here's the video version of this DIY moon dreamcatcher:

What You Will Need:

What you will need for this DIY is a hoop. I used the inside part of a embroidery hoop but you use any type of hoop that you want. You will also need yarn, lace, ribbon, or whatever else you would like to put onto your dream catcher like feathers and scissors.

The Base of The Dreamcatcher

The first thing you want to do is to tie the end of a long piece of yarn onto the hoop into a knot and then you want to start wrapping the yarn all the way around the hoop and until the whole hoop is covered with yarn.

Don't cut the extra yarn off! You're going to use it later.

When you are done wrapping the yarn on the hoop you can tie the end of the yarn to the extra yarn from the first knot and cut off the extra yarn.

The Moon Part of the Dreamcatcher

Now to create the moon, you want to take another piece of yarn and tie the end to the hoop into a knot.

Then you want to take the yarn and wrap the yarn around the hoop.

 Then you want to take the yarn and go through the loop of yarn.

You want to continue to make the same loops until you get to where you want your moon to stop.

Then you want to flip the hoop over and take the yarn and make the same loop but on the yarn loops instead.

Once you get to the end you want to flip it again and do the same loops.

You want to continue the same steps until you like how your moon looks and you can make as many rows of yarn that you want for your dreamcatcher..

Once you get to the end of your moon you can either tie the yarn into a knot at where you ended or if you are next to the hoop like how I was you can tie the end of the yarn to the hoop and cut off any of the extra yarn.

You should get something like this:

How To Hang the Dreamcatcher Up

Now you can take another piece of yarn and make a loop and then you want to tie a knot like how I'm doing here. This loop will be to hang the dreamcatcher up on a wall or a door.

You want something like this!

Ribbon & Lace Decorations

Now you want to take some ribbon and loop it like this and make sure both of the sides of the ribbon are about the same length.

Then you want to flip the hoop over. You want the back side of the dreamcatcher facing up.

Then you can take the loop part of the ribbon and place it under the dreamcatcher.

 Then you want to take the tails of the ribbon and pull them through the loop.

You can also take some lace and do the same thing as the ribbon and you can also put as much lace and ribbon that you want onto the dreamcatcher and you can put anything that you want onto it.

You can also put as much lace and ribbon or whatever as you want onto the dreamcatcher

If you want you can trim the lace and the ribbon and then you can hang it onto your wall or the door.

Final Thoughts

and that's you make this really simple and cute moon dreamcatcher! In the comments down below let me know what you think about this moon dreamcatcher. Bye!

DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

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