About Me

Hello, my name is Emily. I love photography and fashion. I also like creating and drawing stuff, like anime or cartoons. I also love music like rock, metal, and k-pop.

I started to get into photography in my Senior of high school which was the school year of 2012-2013. I took a class called Multimedia which is where the class did stuff like coding and creating games (which I hated attempting to code a game), and video editing and photography. When we were learning about photography, we had to take pictures of objects at different angles, lighting's, or of people. I think my favorite part of the class was the photography lesson and the video editing lesson.

You will mostly see photos of Minnie and Rocky, trees, flowers, and a bunch of other stuff. You will also see a lot of cloud pictures. I like watching clouds because you never know what you could find in the sky.

Fashion Saturday's is where on Saturday I post a cute item I have or a list of items I wish I could have. Every Monday I will post a song that you might like. I call it Music Monday's. There will also be some DIY posts every once in a while.

By the way, I'm just starting out in photography so some of my photos might not come out in that professional photographer level. But I'm learning on how to make it better everyday.

My goal is to try to make everybody smile with two or more pictures everyday. Sometimes you will only see two pictures and other days you could see five or more.