DIY: Cute Easter Eggs

April 2, 2015

DIY: Cute Easter Eggs

Hello everybody! Today I have a DIY for all of you. It's cute little eggs that are shaped as a cat, bunnies, and chicks. They're really easy and fun to do.

If you go by the picture above, my sister dyed the three eggs in the back and I dyed the three in the front. I put the decorations on all six of the eggs.

Things you will need...

Egg coloring dye or food coloring
Googly eyes
Blush (it's for pink the ears)
Cotton balls
Colored paper

For the eggs, they can either be hard boiled eggs, blown out eggs, or plastic eggs.

How to make the bunnies and the cat

1. Dye the egg
2. Take the felt and fold it in half. Then, draw out your ears. Then cut out the ears.
3. Now, take the blush and lightly paint the ears with it where you want the pink on the ears to be. Then glue on the ears.
4. Place the googly eyes where you want them to be sitting.
5. Draw on the face.
6. For the bunnies, take cotton balls and place them where you want the feet and the tail to be. You can do this for the cat too.

How to make the chicks

1. Dye the egg
2. Take the colored paper and fold the paper in half. Draw out the wings and then cut out wings with scissors. The colored paper can match the egg if you want to but it doesn't have to match the egg. 
3. For the beak, fold a piece of colored paper in half and on the fold line draw a triangle. Then cut out the triangle with scissors.
4. Place the googly eyes where you want them.
5. Glue on the wings and beak.

A pink bunny Easter egg

Blue bunny Easter egg

Yellow chicken Easter egg

Pink cat Easter egg

A orange chicken Easter egg

The orange chick looks like it has a cool looking scar.

A orange chicken Easter egg from the side

Blue bunny Easter egg

I hoped you enjoyed this DIY! What do you think of this DIY? What DIY should I do next?


  1. OMG Its so cute!! I love it.


  2. They look so cute !

  3. Wow, my God! What grace! <3 We must also make for Easter :)

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♥

  4. These are so adorable! Great post xx

  5. This is sooo cute!!! <3 good job!

  6. Great DIY:) kiss

    i'm following you via gfc, hope you can follow me back


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