Cute DIY No Sew Owl Pillow Version #2

October 31, 2017

Cute DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make a owl pillow. This cute DIY no sew owl pillow is easy to make and its makes a cute winter DIY room decoration idea.

I have made another version of this DIY no sew pillow with a different design. Here's the link to that video the first DIY owl pillow:

Let's get started!

Here's the video version of this DIY!

What you will need for this DIY are threee or more colors of fabric, scissors, paper, pencil, a glue gun, ribbon, and something you might need is tape.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

The first thing you have to do is draw out a template of a owl onto a piece of paper. I did draw half of the owl so I could draw a bigger owl on the paper. 

Draw a border around the owl because that's where the glue will go. Then cut it out.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

I ripped off some paper from another piece of paper and taped to the owl template where the owl's ear will be. Then I drew that part of the ear and then I cut off the rest of the paper that didn't belong to the template. I did this because I ran out of room on the paper that I was using and you can do it like this too.

Now you can trace the template onto the fabric you are going to use for the body of the owl. I traced the one side of the owl and then I flipped the template onto the other side and traced it again. There should be a full owl now.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Then the owl can be cut out and then the owl that was cut out can be traced. So there can be two owl shapes.

If the owls are not the same size put them on top of each other and trim the bigger owl to match the other owl shape.

Now put the back and front side of the fabric on top of each other and lift up the top owl and glue on the edges of the owl that's on the bottom and let go of the owl your holding. Press down on the top owl to make sure the owls are stuck together. Do this all the way around the owl and make sure you leave a hole.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

When the glue drys flip the owl inside out through the hole.

Then you can stuff the pillow and glue the opening shut by folding the fabric, putting glue on the fabric where the opening is and pressing the opening together until the glue drys.

Grab your template that you used the the owl's body and draw out where the wings will go and cut the wing out of the template.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Then trace it onto the fabric you are going to use for the wings and cut a wing out. Then cut out a second wing by flipping the wing over to the other side, tracing the template, and cutting the wing out.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Take a circular object and trace around onto the same fabric as the wings or another color. Then cut out two circles.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Then trace one of the circles onto white fabric and then make a slightly smaller circle inside of that circle and cut the smaller circle out. I traced the big circle that I used for the eye because I needed a smaller white circle for the white part of the eye.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Then I traced the smaller circle and I cut the another circle out.

If your white fabric is thin and if you can see the color underneath then cut out four circles instead of two circles so the color doesn't show through.

Then glue the white circles together. You should have two white circles and not four.

Then you can glue the white circles onto the circle that goes underneath the white circles.

You should be able to see the border of the other fabric around the white fabric.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Trace around a smaller circle than the white circles onto black fabric and cut out two small circles. This will be for the pupils.

Now you can glue the eyes onto the center of the white circles or off center to make it look like the owl is looking the other way.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Draw out a diamond shape for the beak with black fabric or another color and cut it out.

The last thing you can make is that you can make a bow out of ribbon.

Then layout the wings, the eyes, the beak, and the bow onto the owl and glue it all on to the owl.

The making of the DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

Final Thoughts

and that's it! I love how cute this owl looks! It works perfectly as a winter decoration pillow. In the comments down below let me know what you think about this owl pillow DIY.

Cute DIY No Sew Owl Pillow

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