DIY BTS Notebooks

January 29, 2018

DIY BTS Notebooks

I'm going to show you how to make a notebook that's inspired by BTS. This DIY notebook is really easy to make and you can make any design that you want.

This is a really cute notebook idea that you can make out of a notebook or you can make your own notebook with lined or blank paper.

Instructions on how to download the notebook covers:

Click on the link to image that you want.

Then you right click on the image and click save as and save it to your computer.

Here are the download links for the notebook covers that I made:

Mic Drop
Love Yourself

Here's what they look like:

The first thing you want to do is to start working on your cover and you do that by going to Canva and make a image that's 11 by 8.5 inches.

Once you have done that, you want to take a gray square or rectangle and make it really skinny and make it the same height as the image and put it in the middle of the image. This will act as a folding point after you print the cover out.

Now you can do any type of design that you want. I decided to put a microphone and the words Mic Drop on the first one that I made on the right side of the line and then on the second one I made I put a rose and the words Love Yourself on the right side of the line. I also used similar colors to the cover of the Love Yourself album on the images and the text besides the Mic Drop text.

The right side of the line is where the front cover is so that's why you want to put it on that side but if you want the other side to be the front cover then you can put the design on the left side.

When you get your design done, you want to download your pictures and print them out. You can print more than one notebook cover on one piece of paper if you want or you can print one cover on a piece of paper.

I'm using a Windows computer and you can make the notebooks any size that you want by changing around with the printer settings.

After you get your cover printed out, you can fold the cover on the line that's at the middle of the piece of paper and cut the cover out. You can use the line in the middle to see where the bottom and top of the cover is if your cover is white and for the sides use the text or image to where the side of the notebook cover stops.

For the inside of the notebook, you can take ten or more pieces of paper and trace the cover on top of it. Then you want to cut out the paper with a x-acto knife or scissors.

Now you want to fold each piece of paper in half and stack them all on top of the the cover.

To connect all of the piece of paper together, you want to take two staples and a push pin. If the staples are stuck together, you can pull them apart.

Now put the staple near the top of the folded part of the notebook and measure how big the staple is by poking holes where the two ends of the staple are. Do the same thing again but near the bottom of the notebook.

After you poke the holes, you want to poke through the same holes all the way through to the cover with the push pin.

There should be four holes for two staples on the folded part of the notebook.

Now you can put the staples in at the front and close the staples inside the notebook.

If you need to cut off the extra paper that the cover is not covering.

Something that you can do is take a piece of washi tape that's the same size as yur notebook and place it over the staples to look like binding of a actual notebook.

If you want to make more notebooks like this you just follow the same steps to make more.

That's how you make these DIY notebooks!

What do you think about these notebooks and will you be making one?

DIY BTS Notebooks

DIY BTS Notebooks


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