DIY Wall Banner + How To Make Tassels

January 31, 2018

DIY Wall Banner + How To Make Tassels

I’m going to show you how to make a banner and I’m also going to show you how to make tassels that are going to go on the banner. This DIY wall banner is really cute and easy DIY room decor idea.

What you will need for this DIY is two pieces of paper, any type of stick that you want, I used a barbecue stick, wire cutters, a ruler, scissors, a pencil, a paintbrush, paint, two or more colors of twine string, or thread, tape, a needle, fabric, and a glue gun.

The first thing you want to do is print or draw out a template of words. The words can be anything that you want. I chose the words "Stay Positive".

After you made your template, you want to put it under a piece of fabric and then you want to draw out the shape of your banner with a ruler and a pencil.

The banner can be any size or shape and you want to make sure you make the banner long enough for the words.

Now you need to cut out your banner with scissors.

After you cut out your banner, you want to place the banner over the template and trace the letters onto the banner.

Now you want to place the banner on a new piece of paper or on the template paper so the paint doesn't get on anything if it goes through the fabric and paint the words in with any color of paint that you want.

Now you have to wait for the banner to dry and make sure you pick up the banner every now in then so the banner doesn't get stuck to the paper.

While it's drying you can measure the stick that you are going to use and cut off any of the extra stick that you don't want. I cut my barbecue stick with wire cutters and then I sanded down the sides of the stick.

For the tassels, you want to take a book and wrap the string you want to use for the tassels around the book. Remember the longer the book the longer the tassels are going to be.

Once you are done wrapping your string, you want to cut off any extra string, and then you want to take another piece of string and put it under the string that's on the book and tie it to the tassel.

Then you want to pull off the string from the book and cut the loop at the bottom. You don't have to worry if it's not even at the bottom because you're going to fix it at the end.

Now you want to take another piece of string and place one string onto the tassel. Make sure this string is long as the string that you tied earlier onto the tassel and then you can take more of the same string to make a loop and place the loop over the same string.

Then you want to wrap the string, that's from the loop, around the tassel. You can tie it around as many times as you want.

When you are done tying your string you want to take the string that you are wrapping with and then put it though the loop and then you want to pull the other string that not the loop.

All you have to do now is cut off any of the extra string and then you won't see that string.

If you need to you can take some tape and wrap it around the bottom of the tassel and cut in the middle of the tape with scissors to make sure the tassel is even on the bottom and then you can pull of the tape.

If you want to make another, just follow the same steps.

When your banner is dry you want to flip over your banner and place your stick near the top but leave some room.

Take your glue gun and start putting a little bit of glue at a time and wrap the fabric over the stick. Do this until you get to the end of the fabric.

Then you can tie on your tassels onto the stick.

The last thing you have to do is take one piece of string and tie one end of the string to one side of the stick and then you want to tie the other end of the string to the other side of the stick. All you have to do now is to cut off any of the extra string.

For this optional step you can draw a shape onto the banner and put some thread onto a needle and then you can sew on the shape with any type of stitching that you want.

and that's how you make this wall banner! In the comments down below let me know what you think about this wall banner.

DIY Wall Banner + How To Make Tassels

DIY Wall Banner + How To Make Tassels

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