No Sew DIY Placemat Throw Pillow

November 6, 2019

DIY Placemat Throw Pillow

Hello! Here you're going to learn how to make a placemat throw pillow. This placemat throw pillow can be made out of two placemats of the same design or out of two placemats that have different designs. Also this dollar store pillow is really easy to make and you can make one for any occasion.

You can watch the video version here:

What you'll need:

Two placemats of the same size and they can be the same design or they can have different designs.
Pillow stuffing or a pillow insert.
Hot glue

1. When you have two placemats you want to use for your pillow you want to lay the back sides of the placemats together. Make sure you have both of the placemats rotated the same way when you flip it over.

2. Lift up the placemat on top and then you want to take hot glue and put glue on the seam thats on the back of the bottom placemat just like how I did here.

3. Press the placemats together and make sure you match them up the way you want them to be.

You want to do this all the way around but you need to leave a big enough opening so you can fill it later with a pillow insert or with pillow stuffing. Make sure you're careful because the glue is hot!

4. After you're done gluing the pillow and when the glue is dry you want to fill the pillow with either a pillow insert or with pillow stuffing or you can put both of them inside.

I decided to use both. I used the pillow stuffing to stuff the corners and the sides and I used the pillow insert to stuff the majority of the pillow.

5. When you're done stuffing the pillow you can glue the opening shut by putting hot glue on the bottom placemat and then you can place the top placemat on it.

When the glue is dry you're all done. If you used two different placemats you can flip the pillow every other day.

and that's how you make a pillow out of placemats!

No Sew DIY Placemat Throw Pillow

No Sew DIY Placemat Throw Pillow


  1. Love how it turned out! Yes, using glue gun can be easier than sewing the sides. I'll one for a Christmas theme!


    1. I love how it turned out too! I think I might make one for Christmas or winter. :)


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