October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

October 29, 2020

Hello there! I'll be showing you my October bullet journal setup. There are four spreads. I made a cover page, a calendar page, a pumpkin mood tracker spread, and a weekly spread on two pages.

Also, I'm back at doing journal spreads again and they will be posted here on my blog and on my second YouTube channel.

I'll show you my cover page first. I drew a wreath around the word October with tree branches, a bat, spider, and a bow with three pumpkins behind it. I love the pumpkins. They look really cute.

october bullet journal cover 

On the next page, I drew a spider web and a spider at the top of my calendar page. I also drew a pumpkin and a witch hat at the bottom next to a to do list.

october calendar

My mood tracker page has a jack o lantern pumpkin shaped tracker in the middle, a spider and a spider web in the top right corner.

The bottom has colorful colored boxes with the words happy, sad, angry, stressed, good, and tired next to them.

pumpkin bullet journal mood tracker

The last spread I made was a two page weekly spread with pumpkin, cauldron, banner and witch hat doodles.

october weekly spread

That's all of my spreads that I did in the video. 

Which journal spread is your favorite? My favorite is the mood tracker. I love how the pumpkin turned out on that page.

Here you can watch how I made my journal setup below.

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