Pie Bullet Journal Setup Ideas

October 23, 2022

Hey there! I made a pie theme for my September bullet journal setup and I wanted to show you my journal spreads for it. Hopefully it gives you ideas if you're doing a pie theme.

You can do many different types of pies. I just stuck with using three different types.

Something else you can do is draw the pies from an angle or from above. I mostly drew them from above but I did one from the side of the pie on the calendar page.

Cover Page

The first page idea I'll show you is the cover page.

For this page, I drew two large pies on the top and bottom corner of the page. I drew two different types of pies and I only drew half of each.

You can draw as many pies that you want and you can even draw other things like a basket or a picnic blanket.

Two pies in the corners of a page with the word September in the middle.

Calendar Page

For the next page, I did a simple calendar page with a calendar with red and white flags hanging off of it. I also drew a side of a slice of pie on the bottom left.

A calendar page with a flag banner and a slice of pie in the corner of the page.

One Page Weekly Spread

On the next page, I made another simple page with days of the week in boxes and a top of a pie in the top right of the page.

If you don't want to do boxes for the days, you can go for any shape that you want like circles.

A one page weekly spread with days of the week and a pie in the top right corner.

Calendar & One Page Weekly Spread

Here's how both of my calendar and weekly spread look together when done. I like how both of these pages look together.

A calendar and a weekly spread with a pie in two corners.

Two Page Weekly Spread

The last idea I have to show you is a two page weekly spread.

I drew a pie in the middle of the page and it's surrounded by the days of the week.

If you don't want to draw a pie in the middle, you can try drawing ones in the corner or slices of pie wherever you would like. You can also draw as many pies as you want.

A two page weekly spread with a pie in the middle.

Final Thoughts

I love how all of my spreads came out. My favorites spreads are the calendar and the one page weekly spread because of how the pies came out. They turned out looking really cute.

What do you think about these journal spreads?

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