DIY Wood Bead Carrots

April 16, 2023

Three orange wood bead carrots.

Hey there! I wanted to make some cute carrots for spring so I decided to make them out of wood beads. They ended up being really easy to make and they turned out looking cute when I was done.

What You'll Need To Make A Carrot:

Wood beads that vary in sizes
Hot glue
Green plants
Wooden skewer and toothpicks
Something for the wooden skewer to lay on.

How To Paint The Beads

To paint the beads for your carrot, you want to start out by painting five or more beads that go from large to small with orange acrylic paint.

You can paint them however you would like but a easy way to paint them is by putting the beads on a wooden skewer or something else to make it easier to paint them. Also if the beads move while you paint them, you can can put some toothpicks in between the skewer and the wood beads so the they don't move.

Putting beads on a wooden skewer and painting them orange.

Now when you're done painting the beads, you can lay the wooden skewer onto something that's tall enough for the beads to dry without touching anything. I used a lid that came from a box.

Once the beads are dry, you can take them off of the wooden skewer.

Beads drying on a lid.

How To Make A Carrot

1. You want to start off by cutting a piece of twine that's a little bit longer than what you want your carrot to be.

2. Then you want to put the beads on the twine by starting with the smallest bead.

3. Now when you're done, you want to tie a knot next to the largest bead.

Placing orange beads on twine.

4. The next thing you want to do is that you want to put hot glue on the end of some green plants and place the plants in the hole of the largest bead.

Gluing green plants on the largest bead of a wood bead carrot.

5. An optional step you can do is that you can tie a bow out of anything that you want and then you can glue the bow on the carrot.

Making and gluing a bow onto a wood bead carrot.

6. Now to finish off your carrot, you want to cut off any extra twine and if you're worried that the twine will untie itself you can add a tiny bit of hot glue on each knot.

Trimming the excess twine and putting glue on knots.

That's how you make your own wood bead carrots but if you need a little more help you can watch the video below.

Final Look & Thoughts

These carrots turned out looking really cute! I love how the green plants turned out and I think a bow is perfect for each of these carrots.

What do you think about these wood bead carrots?

Three orange carrots with green plants and a twine bow.

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