Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

June 23, 2023

Hi there! I wanted to share some chocolate covered strawberry spread ideas you can make for your own bullet journal.

I did make these journal spreads for February but you can definitely do a chocolate strawberry theme for whatever month you would like. For example, it could work great for summer!

I think this chocolate covered strawberry theme looks really cute! I'm going to show you the cover page first.

Everything turned out really easy to draw and color. Also I love the glitter hearts and doilies I setup around the journal. I hope you find some inspiration for next journal spreads

Cover Page

For my cover page, I drew a flower wreath with roses, leaves, and hearts. I also drew three chocolate strawberries with pink heart sprinkles, white swirled icing, and one strawberry only has chocolate on it.

A February bullet journal cover page with chocolate covered strawberries and a wreath.


The next two pages has a calendar on it. One side only has half of the calendar on it and on the right side it has a little bit of the calendar.

The right side also has heart banners, red hearts, and chocolate covered strawberries. Each strawberry has either heart sprinkles, white line sprinkles, or white swirled icing on top of the chocolate.

A two page February bullet journal calendar page with chocolate covered strawberries.

First Weekly Spread

For this first weekly spread, I drew three chocolate strawberries with one having no sprinkles, another one having pink heart sprinkles, and the last one has while swirled frosting on it.

Also I was able to make this a two page weekly spread with about two weeks on it but you can put as many days as you want on it.

A two page bullet journal weekly spread with chocolate covered strawberries.

Last Weekly Spread

This last weekly spread is a one page weekly spread with two chocolate strawberries.

Now for the page next to it, I drew three chocolate strawberries with hearts and stars surrounding the strawberries. I love how this doodle page came out!

A one page bullet journal weekly spread with chocolate covered strawberries and another page with more strawberries.

Final Thoughts

My favorite spread has to be either the cover page or the calendar page. I love how the strawberries came out and I also love how the wreath looks on the cover page.

Which spread is your favorite?

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