DIY: Mini Clay Macarons

July 29, 2014

DIY: Mini Clay Macarons

I just love these mini clay macarons. I think they are both really cute. I'll mostly be showing you how to make the pink one with the strawberry on top. The blue one with the blueberry on top is made the same way but just a different color and a different type of fruit. You can follow the instructions in the video or follow the instructions below the video. I hope you like this DIY.

What do you think of these mini macarons?

What you will need:

Tools or a toothpick
A few colors of polymer clay and white polymer clay.

First Step: Make the Cookies

First, you want to make the cookies. Take the color of clay you want to use and form tiny balls and flatten them. Then, you want to take the same color of clay and make a snake. Wrap the snake around the bottom of each cookie. To create the texture, take tools or a toothpick and go in a circular motion on the snake pieces. The snake will come off really easily.

Step Two: Make a New Color

Take the same color of clay and take white color of clay and mix them together to create a lighter color. Now take the new color that you created and roll it out to make a snake. Take the snake and place it wear the icing will go.

Step Three: Create the Strawberry

To create the strawberry, take red clay and form it into a strawberry shape. Then take green clay and make a star shape. Then place a tiny hole in the middle of the star, so the star will stay on top of the strawberry. For the texture of the strawberry, place tiny holes on it with a tool or a toothpick.

Final Step: Finish the Macaron

Then place the strawberry on top of the macaron and follow the instructions and bake.


  1. Raindrops of SapphireJuly 30, 2014 at 6:39 AM

    Ha ha, those are so cool! I thought they were real at first!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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