DIY: Grape Macaron

July 8, 2014

DIY: Grape Macaron

I have another DIY for you all and it's made out of clay. You get to learn how to make a macaron out of polymer clay.

If you are going to make it, you can follow the video or you can follow the instructions below the video.

I think I like the dark purple macaron more because it has a sparkle to it. Which one do you like more?


You will need:

Three different colors of clay that can bake.
Rolling pin
Cookie cutter


1. Your going to start by taking the clay that you want to use for the cookie and roll it out.

2. Take the cookie cutter and cut two circles out.

3. Take the same color of clay and roll out a snake and place it around the bottom of each circle.

4. After you placed them on the bottom of the circles, take the toothpick and go in a circular motion on the snakes to create the texture.

5. Take a different color of clay for the icing and roll out a snake and then place it where the icing will go. Then put the macaron together. 

6. Make around seven balls out of the clay you used for the icing.

7. After you made around seven balls place the balls in a shape of a grape on top of the macaron.

8. Then take a piece of a green color of clay and make a leaf and then place it where you want it to be next to the grape. You should now have a macaron with a grape on top.

9. The last thing you have to do is follow the clay's' instructions and bake.


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