DIY: Pinecone Night Light

January 7, 2016

DIY: Pinecone Night Light

Hello everybody! I have another DIY for you and it's a pinecone night light. It's a really easy DIY. I'm going to try doing two DIY's a week to see if I like doing videos and posts each week like this.

You will need...

Battery Lights
Optional: Ribbon

1. Start placing the lights in first and then start adding the pinecones along with the lights.

2. Tie a ribbon in a bow.

If you can't see the video click here.

Questions Time!

What do you think of DIY and what DIY should I do next?


  1. Lovely idea!


  2. ohhhh its cute diy! Very nice! and as far as the garlands of?♥

    1. Do you mean the length of the lights? There are 10 lights on the string. I don't know how long the lights are. I'm glad you like this DIY. :D


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