DIY: Snow Pinecone Centerpiece

January 10, 2016

DIY: Snow Pinecone Centerpiece

Hello everybody! Today's DIY's is a pinecone covered in what looks like snow but is actually Epsom salt and is made into a centerpiece.

You will need...

Epsom salt
Mod Podge

1. Take Mod Podge, paint it on to the pinecones, and wait to dry.

2. Pour salt into the bowl with one pinecone inside, and place the other pinecones inside the bowl.

If you can't see the video click here.

Questions Time!

What do you think of this DIY? What DIY should I do next?


  1. Hi!
    I love pine cones. They are such fun things to collect and photograph.

    I remember you taking part in Photo a Day Month last year. I was wondering if you would want to be part of it again? I love your pictures!
    Also, I exhibited two of your 2015 pictures for throwback 2015 video on the site. I hope you don't mind.



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