Snowy Pictures (Picture Heavy)

February 17, 2016

Here are some pictures that I have took in past one in a half. I'm doing these pictures for the Photo A day Month blog. These are first fifteen pictures of the month. Some of the pictures don't go with the prompts but some do.

A lot of the pictures have snow in them. There's been some snow where I live.

I also will be putting these on Instagram. I haven't putting pictures on Instagram lately.

The first picture is for Day 1. The prompt was a black and white picture but decided to make the sunflower in color.

A black and white picture and a yellow sunflower

Day 2 is a facial expression. I found this statue of a boy reading a book.

Statue of a boy reading a book

Day 3 is vehicles. Instead of a whole vehicles, I decided to use something that used to be attached to a vehicle.

A red wheel

Day 7 is leaves. Here are some leaves that are covered in snow.

Leaves covered in snow

Day 8 is something that starts with a 'S' like for instance shells.


Day 9 is a vegetable or fruit. This picture is of a pineapple that is shaped as a bird feeder covered in snow.

Pineapple bird feeder covered in snow

This picture is for Day 12. The prompt was for flowers. It's a tiny statue of a cute squirrel in a basket of fake flowers.

Tiny statue of a cute squirrel in a basket of fake flowers

After this none of the pictures go with the prompts.

Perfectly untouched snow.


The snow is covering this tree log perfectly around the border .

Snow on a tree log

Bird tracks in the snow.

4Bird tracks in the snow

A tree perspective with snow on it's limbs.

A tree perspective with snow on it's limbs

A bush covered in snow.

A bush covered in snow

A frozen bird bath with snow covering it.

A frozen bird bath with snow covering it

A icicle hanging on a tree.

A icicle hanging on a tree

Questions Time!

Which pictures are your favorite?


  1. Amazing pictures!

  2. Nice photos!!

  3. Wonderful pictures xx

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  4. The post is fantastic! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  5. I love the pictures! I loved the snow pictures as we have no snow here at all. The third picture has to be my favorite!

  6. Lovely post and photos, dear friend! :)
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    1. Hello, I just followed back via GFC. Happy posting =)


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