Easy DIY Frame Art for St. Patrick's Day

March 7, 2016

Easy DIY Frame Art for St. Patrick's Day

Hello everybody! Today's DIY is a easy frame art idea for St. Patrick's Day!

You will need...

Picture frame
Green and white cardstock
Green and gold paint
Glue gun

1. Print out pictures or free hand the design. If you printed out the pictures trace them on to the cardstock.

2. Paint the design.

3. Cut out two or more clovers.

4. Glue the clovers on to the frame.

5. Trace the glass around the design. You can do this before making the design.

6. Place the design inside the frame and put the frame together.

Lucky frame for St. Patrick's Day

If you can't see the video click here.

Questions Time!

What do you think of this DIY? What DIY should I do next?

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  1. Lovely and easy to follow steps. Thanks for sharing =)



  2. Aww this is so lovely, I love the gold color ;)

    The Flower Duet

  3. Simple but really cute! Great DIY (:


  4. Awww, that is so cute! The gold leaf is a good idea.

  5. Loving your blog <3
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc & fb? If you follow,let me know, i will follow back =))


  6. Thanku for the follow, followed on gfc and fb =)


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