Snowy Pictures Part 2, First Spring Flower, and Where Have I Been?

May 6, 2016

Hello everybody! I haven't posted on here for like a month. I haven't been up to much. I just been taking pictures and I have been thinking of videos for YouTube. I have started gaming channel and I also been thing of creating kpop dance cover channel.

I was sick last month so I didn't start anything. I barfed for about five hours two weeks ago and I was sick for a whole week with nausea. But I am better now. It may have been to bad food. I don't think I could eat sweet potato again.

This is part two of the snowy pictures post from a February. These pictures are also part of the February Photo A day Month. I actually didn't do all the days but I had a couple pictures for the February. In a couple of weeks I'll be posting flower pictures.

Click here for part 1 of the snowy pictures

The snow on this Japanese Maple tree looks like a head.

Snow on a tree

This is Rocky's footprint. I took the picture back in January and it's still there.

A dogs footprint

Two pictures with Rocky's footprints in the snow.

A dogs footprint in the snow

A dogs footprint in the snow

Three pictures of snow covering tree branches of a Japanese Maple tree.

Snow on a Japanese Maple tree

Snow on a Japanese Maple tree

Snow on a Japanese Maple tree

Another tree covered in snow.

Snow on a tree

Question Time!

What do think of these pictures? Which picture is your favorite?

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