DIY Pineapple Light

July 19, 2017

DIY Pineapple Light

Hey what up you guys! In this video I'm going to show you how to make this pineapple light. I think its cute and perfect for any room.

You will need...

a mason jar or any type of jar with a lid will work
a paintbrush
x-acto knife
a glue gun
cardstock paper
LED candle
and string with beads on it or twine

1. First take the jar and any color of paint you would like. Paint one coat of diamonds all over the jar. The diamonds don't have to be exactly the same size. I decided to paint my pineapple pink and black.

2. When the first coat is dry, paint over it again to make sure you covered the diamonds.

If you messed up your diamonds, you can take the x-acto knife and scratch off some of the paint to make the diamonds look better when the paint is dry.

3. Now on the the top of the pineapple. First paint the lid to the jar any color you like. I painted mine black.

4. Draw out some leaves on to the cardstock paper. When drawing the leaves, leave a place where you can fold the leaves at the bottom of at each leaf to be placed on to the lid. I drew a rectangle shape at the bottom of each leaf. Make some of the leaves big and some of them smaller. Now you can cut out all of the leaves out of the cardstock paper.

5. Fold the part at the bottom of the leaf up. The leaf should be able to stand up.

6. Now glue the leaves on to the lid of the mason jar. Glue on the leaves by overlapping them and alternate the leaves by going from a big leaf to a smaller leaf.

You can leave the ring to the lid off while you do this but you might have trouble putting it on do to the leaves being too big. So put the ring on before putting the leaves on. If you forget to put the ring on first you can put the leaves through the ring.

7. Now you can take string or twine and tie or glue it to the top of the jar.

Then put a LED candle into the jar and put the top on. Don't put a real candle into the jar.

DIY Pineapple Light

Question Time!

What you think about this pineapple light?


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