Organization Life Hacks & DIY's

September 27, 2017

Organization Life Hacks & DIY's DIY Room Organization Ideas

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you seven DIY organization ideas and life hacks. These are all great ways to organize a room or great ways to organize a closet.

Muffin Pan Organizer

 The first idea I'll show you is that you can use a muffin pan to organize small things like buttons.

Muffin Pan Organizer

All you have to do is separate small things like tiny seashells or rocks and place them into each hole where normally a muffin or a cupcake would be.

This is a great way to separate things while your making something.

Basket Organization

The second organization idea is to use a picnic basket to hide extra things in.

You can put stuffed animals, pillows, books, or whatever you would like into the basket.

I love this idea because it's a great place to put my stuffed animals.

DIY Jar Organizer

For the third idea, I'm going to show you how to make this jar with a label on it.

DIY Jar Organizer

What you will need for this DIY is a jar, scissors, a pen or a pencil, a paintbrush, Mod Podge, and a piece ofcardstock paper.

Write down whatever item you are going to store in the jar onto the piece of cardstock paper and cut it out into any shape you would like.

Put some Mod Podge onto the back of the piece that you just made and place it onto the jar.

You may need to hold the piece of paper onto the jar for 30 seconds or more so it sticks to the jar.

When the jar is done, you can put the item that you wrote down onto the piece of paper into the jar.

Sunglasses Hanger

For the next idea, you can put your sunglasses onto a hanger and display them.

Sunglasses Hanger

All you have to do is put your sunglasses onto the bottom part of the hanger and hang the hanger up on your wall.

You can put around five sunglasses onto your hanger. It would also depend on the size of the hanger.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cord Holder

For the fifth organization idea, I'll show you how to make two versions of a cord holder.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Cord Holder

What you will need for this DIY is duct tape, toilet paper rolls, paint, a pen or a pencil, a paintbrush, and scissors.

For the first version of the roll wrap the tape onto the paper roll and cut off the extra. Wrap all the around the roll or just part of the way. You can paint on the part you don't put tape on before because it is easier to do then after taping.

The second version of the roll is that you can just paint the roll.

When the rolls are dry write the name of whatever cord is going inside the roll onto the roll.

Now you can put the cord inside of the roll.

More Basket Organization

For the next idea, you can use a basket to store stuff like stickers or pencils.

You can place a jar or a tin can inside of the basket. You can put pencils or pens in the jar or the tin can. I put the jar in the corner of the basket and I put stickers on the other side.

Basket Organization

Basket Organization

Closet Organization Life Hack

For the last idea, you can use a chain to organize your clothes in your closet. This idea can save a lot of room in your closet.

Take a chain and place your hangers into the chains holes. Depending on the size of your hanger you will need to have the right size of chain so the hangers can hang on the chain. You can put a lot of clothes onto the chain.

You can hang the hanger like this.

Closet Organization Life Hack

Final Thoughts!

and that's it! All of these are really great way to help you organize your room. Which DIY is your favorite?

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