10 Halloween DIYs and Life Hacks

October 20, 2017

10 Halloween DIYs and Life Hacks

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you ten Halloween DIY's and life hacks that are perfect for parties or just for decorations.

Let's get started!

 1 DIY Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

DIY Ghost Trick or Treat Bucket

First, I'm going to show you how to make this cute ghost trick or treat bucket out of a ice cream bucket. I think this is a great way to recycle something instead of throwing it away and you can save some money.

What you will need is a ice cream bucket or any type of bucket with a handle will work, cardstock paper, scissors, a pencil, and tape or glue.

Draw and cut out the eyes and the mouth of a ghost out of cardstock paper. Make sure the eyes and the mouth fit on the side of the bucket before putting them on the bucket.

Then tape or glue the mouth and eyes on the bucket. If there is a sticker on the bucket you can tear it off.

2 DIY Spider Web Life Hack

Pillow stuffing be used as spider webs DIY Spider Web Life Hack

Now I'm going to show you how to use pillow stuffing as spider webs.

All you have to do is spread out the pillow stuffing very thin by pulling it but not completely pulling it apart. Then place it carefully onto your objects.

3 DIY Paper Roll Candle

DIY Paper Roll Candle

For this DIY, I'll show you how to make this white bloody candle out of a fake candle, glue gun, and a paper roll. I think this is a lot more easier and faster than waiting for candle wax to drip onto a real candle.

All you will need is a paper roll, white and red paint or whatever color you want, a fake candle, paper, a paintbrush, and a glue gun.

Paint the paper roll white and wait to dry.

When dry take the glue gun and start from the top and make lines of glue all the way around the paper roll. Make some of the lines of glue longer than the others and some of them shorter.

When the glue drys, paint the glue red.

When the paint is dry, crumple up a piece of paper and put it inside of the paper roll through the bottom. Make sure the paper doesn't go through the top of the paper roll.

Then place the fake candle at the top. The light of the fake candle should be only thing seen on the top of the paper roll.

4 DIY Costume Life Hack

DIY Pirate Costume and Costume Life Hack

For this next life hack, you can use any of your clothes in your closet to make a Halloween costume. Just look through your closet, pick out the clothes that you want, and you can put a lot of costumes together like a pirate or a detective.

5 DIY Spider Ice

DIY Spider Ice

For this party hack, you will need fake spiders, water, a freezer, and ice cube trays.

Put some spiders into the ice cube tray and put water in with the spiders. Then freeze the tray in the freezer for a couple of hours or overnight.

DIY Spider Ice

Then you can take them out when frozen and put them into any drink. It will look a lot cooler in clear drinks like water.

DIY Spider Ice

6 DIY Bag Lights

DIY Bag Lights

For this DIY, you can take a colored or white bag, glue a face onto it, and put a fake candle inside multiple bags and make a light trail on your sidewalk.

7 Pumpkin Life Hack

DIY Pumpkins for a Pumpkin Life Hack

For this next life hack, you can buy fake pumpkins, design them any way you want, and keep them every year and save money from not buying real ones.

8 DIY Bat Garland

DIY Bat Garland

To make this cute bat garland, you will need cardstock paper, bat template, a pencil, scissors, string, and tape.

Trace the bat template onto a piece of cardstock paper and cut out as many bats as you want on the string.

Then tape the bats onto the string in different angles and hang it up on the wall.

9 DIY Pumpkin Light

DIY Pumpkin Light

To make this pumpkin light, you will need a paper roll, a x-acto knife, paint, a paintbrush, a pencil, and a fake candle.

Draw a pumpkin face or another face onto the paper roll and then take the x-acto knife and cut out holes where the lines are.

Then you can paint the paper roll any color you want. Then put a fake candle under the paper roll.

10 DIY Treat Jar

DIY Treat Jar

This last DIY can be used for a party. It is a treat jar and you will need a jar, floral accents, ribbon, scissors, and candy.

Put the floral accents at the bottom of the jar and put the candy on top. Then tie a bow onto the jar with the ribbon and cut off the extra ribbon. The last thing you have to do is put the lid onto the jar.

and that's it!

In the comments down below let me know some of the life hacks or DIY's that you use for Halloween.

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