10 Christmas DIYs & Life Hacks

December 9, 2017

10 Christmas DIYs & Life Hacks

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you ten DIYs and life hacks for Christmas. In the comments down below let me know what you think about these DIYs and life hacks.

Lets get started!

1 DIY Light Bulb Garland

DIY Light Bulb Garland

The first DIY I will show you how to make is a light bulb garland.

The first thing you want to do is draw out a light bulb onto colored cardstock paper and cut it out.

Then you can trace that one onto a piece of cardstock paper so you can make duplicate light bulbs and cut it out.

You can make as many as you want. You can make the light bulb one color or multiple colors. I made mine purple and pink.

Then you can paint where the metal would be onto the paper light bulb the same or a similar color as the string you will be using.

When the light bulbs are dry, tape them to the string.

If you did multiple colors you can put them in a pattern.

2 Ornament Carton Organization

Ornament Carton Organization

To protect your ornaments from breaking, take a egg carton or another type of carton and put your ornaments in there. You can also stick in magnets into the carton too.

3 Advent Calendar Jar

Advent Calendar Jar

A really easy DIY you can make is a advent calendar jar.

First you want to make a image in a shape of a tag or something else on your computer and cut it out.

After you cut it out, punch a hole into the piece of paper with a hole puncher.

Then you want to tie the tag to a jar with some ribbon or twine and tie it into a bow.

You can put candy into the jar or you can cut some strips of paper out and write activities to do onto the paper. Then you can fold them in half and put them into the jar.

4 String Light Life Hack

String Light Life Hack

Something that helps keep your string lights from being tangled up, is that you can wrap them on a piece of cardboard to prevent the string lights from being tangled up.

5 3D Paper Ornament

3D Paper Ornament

The next DIY I'll show you how to make are 3D geometric shaped ornaments made out of paper

First print a template out and cut the shape out of the template.

Link to the templates for the paper ornaments:  https://goo.gl/q9JJzK The templates are not mine.

Then you want to fold the template on the lines.

After you are done folding the lines paint the side that will be showing in any color you want or you could print the template onto colored paper.

Then you can start gluing the shape together with a glue gun and before you glue it completely together tie a loop with some string and glue the knot end inside of the shape so the shape can hang on a tree. Then you can glue the rest of the shape together.

6 Wrapping Paper Life Hack

Wrapping Paper Life Hack

A way to prevent your wrapping paper from unwrapping it self is by cutting a toilet paper roll open and placing it onto the wrapping paper. You can also tape the toilet paper roll together if its to big.

7 DIY Paper Tree

DIY Paper Tree

For this next DIY, I'm going to show you how to make a paper tree.

First you want to make a tree template. You can draw or print one out and cut it out.

Then you can trace it on the paper you want to use for your tree. I cut out six trees but you can cut out more or less for your trees. I used scrapbook paper and different patterns.

Then you want to fold the trees in half and glue the back half of the tree one at a time with a glue stick.

If you want you can glue a star at the top of tree.

8 DIY Pillow Life Hack

DIY Pillow Life Hack

Instead of buying a new pillow you can make the pillows yourself or use pillows you already own and add your own spin on the pillow. You can paint the pillow or glue something on to it.

9 Ornament Organization

Ornament Organization with Paper Cups

Another way you can protect your ornaments is by putting them into paper or plastic cups.

10 DIY String Light Garland

DIY String Light Garland

For the last easy DIY decoration idea, you can wrap battery powered string lights onto a garland.

10 Christmas DIYs & Life Hacks

and that's it! In the comments down below let me know what you think about these DIYs and life hacks.

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