DIY No Sew Christmas Pillows

December 19, 2017

Cute DIY No Sew Christmas Pillows | How To Make No Sew Pillows | DIY Room Decor Ideas for Christmas

Hello! Today, I'm going to show you how to make three different Christmas pillows that do not have to be sewed.

Lets get started!

DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

The first pillow I'm going to show you how to make is a pillow with a tree on the front of it.

To create the pillow, you need to cut out two rectangles or squares out of red fleece fabric or another type or color of fabric.

Then cut out both pieces and when you are done cutting them out, put the sides that you want to be shown on top of each other.

Then lift up the layer on top and put glue around the edges of the bottom layer of fabric and let go of the fabric and press the fabric together to make sure its together.

Do this all the way around and make sure you leave a opening.

When the pillow is dry you can flip the pillow inside out and stuff the pillow.

After you fill the pillow with stuffing, you need to close the opening by folding both sides of the opening, putting glue there and hold the opening shut until the glue dries.

Then you can draw a tree on a different color of fabric and cut it out.

The last thing you have to do is glue the tree to the front of the pillow.

DIY Christmas Ornament Pillow

DIY Christmas Ornament Pillow

The next pillow I'll show you how to make is a pillow with ornaments on the top of it.

After you create the pillow, trace a circular object onto the fabric you are going to use for the ornaments and cut out as many as you want.

Then take some string and glue one end of the string where the ornament will be and glue one of the circles over that end of the string.

For the other end of the string glue it to the top of the pillow and cut off the extra string.

Then make a bow and glue it to the top of the ornaments.

Do the same steps for all of the ornaments on the pillow.

DIY Christmas Present Pillow

DIY Christmas Present Pillow

The last pillow I'll show you how to make is a Christmas present pillow.

After you make the pillow, tie a bow onto the pillow like how you would tie a bow onto a Christmas present.

and that's it! In the comments down below let me know what you think about these pillows.

Cute DIY No Sew Christmas Pillows | How To Make No Sew Pillows | DIY Room Decor Ideas for Christmas

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