Easy DIY Pom Pom Rug + 2 Easy Ways To Make Pom Poms

March 16, 2018

Easy DIY Pom Pom Rug + 2 Easy Ways To Make Pom Poms

I'm going to show you how to make a pom pom rug out of yarn and I'll be showing you how to make pom poms in two different ways. This easy DIY pom pom rug is a great DIY room decor idea that's perfect for any type of room.

You can make this pom pom rug with as many colors of yarn as you want and you can make this easy DIY rug it can be any shape or any size.

If you have any questions about this pom pom rug tutorial, ask a question in the comments and I will get to your question and answer it.

Here's the video version on how to make this pom pom rug:

What You Will Need For This DIY:

shelf liner or any type of non slip mat with holes in it
one or more colors of yarn and you're gonna need a lot of it
a tray, a picture frame, or a lid,
crochet hook

How To Make The Pom Poms

The first way I'm going to show you how to make is the pom poms.

You start by wrapping the yarn around anything that you have about thirty to fifty times.

For example I used this small cork lid that went onto a jar but you could use something like a small plate or your hand.

The more times you wrap the yarn and the bigger the object you are wrapping around the bigger the pom pom will be.

Once you are done wrapping the yarn you want to pull the yarn carefully off of your object and then you want to cut another piece of yarn that's about six inches long.

Then you want to take that piece of yarn and place it under the loops of yarn and then you want to tie that piece of yarn in the middle of the loops of yarn into a tight knot.

Now you want to take your scissors and cut the yarn loops and if you need to you can trim some of the yarn off to get a perfect pom pom.

The Easier Way to Make Pom Poms

Now I'm going to show you the faster and the easier way of doing these pom-poms and that is by wrapping the yarn around a tray or a picture frame thirty to fifty times.

After you are done wrapping you want to carefully pull the yarn off of the tray.

Then you want to cut a few pieces of yarn that all end up being about six inches long.

Now you want to tie those pieces of yarn onto the yarn you just wrapped and make sure those pieces of yarn are at equal distance from each other.

Then you can take your scissors and cut in the center of each of those pieces of yarn and you will also need to cut the loops at the ends.

Now you want to trim all of your poms poms.

While you're trimming your pom-poms you want to stick something underneath the pom poms so you don't get yarn everywhere.

You can follow either the first way or the second way of making pom poms but I recommend using the tray or the picture frame method because you can make three or more pom poms at once.

You are going to have to make a bunch of these pom poms and if you run out of pom poms while you're making the rug you can just make more pom poms.

When you're trimming your poms poms you want to stick something underneath the pom poms so you don't get yarn everywhere. It starts to become a big mess while your cutting your pom poms.

Cut your non slip mat first before putting your poms poms on or you could just wait to cut the mat after you get all of your pom poms on like how I did.

Now It's Time To Make The Rug

Before you start making the rug you want to cut the rug into shape that you want. I cut mine after I put all of the pom poms onto the mat but you can cut the mat before or after you put the pom poms on.

Once you get all of your pom poms done you will need to lay them out to see how you would like the rug to look like.

Then you want to take your mat and take your crochet hook and put the hook though one of the holes in the mat.

Then you want to wrap the tails of the yarn that you used to tie the pom pom together with and pull it though to the other side.

Then you want to tie that into a knot.

All you have to do now is to follow the same steps until you get to the end of your rug.

Something that you want to be aware of is that a few of pom poms may come out a few times and if that happens just pull them though the holes again.

You also don't want to pick this up by the pom poms because the pom poms can come out easier that way so put your hands under the mat to pick it up.

The mat I used was already used for something before I made this mat so that's probably why I had this issue. I just wanted to let you know before you started to pull the rug up with by the pom poms.

After you got all of your pom poms tied to the mat and if you haven't cut the mat yet you will need to cut off any of the extra mat with scissors.

Then you want to flip it over and trim the yarn on the bottom of the mat. This doesn't really matter but if it affects the look of the rug you can trim them off but don't make them to short because if one pom pom falls off you won't be able to put it back on.

Something that I did was that I trimmed some more of the mat off because I could see it under the poms and you can do this too if you have the same problem.

The last thing you have to do is to trim some of the pom poms on the edge of the rug to make a better shape of a rug or you can just leave it how it is.

and that's how I made this really easy pom-pom rug.

I love how it turned out! I wish I had more black yarn but I was almost out and had to use my dark blue yarn instead but it still turned out looking really cute.

In the comments down below let me know what you think about this pom pom rug. Bye!

Easy DIY Pom Pom Rug + 2 Easy Ways To Make Pom Poms

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