March 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

April 3, 2020

Hello! Here's my March bullet journal setup and for this month I decided to go for a galaxy and a planet theme for my March setup. I used watercolor paint for all of my spreads.

The pages I made are cover page, a calendar page, a planet mood tracker, a weekly spread and a music playlist. All of these journal spreads have planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies, and gold moons on them.

What do you think about my bullet journal setup from March?

If you want you can watch the video version at the bottom of the page. :)

Cover Page

Galaxy Bullet Journal Cover Page

The first page I started to work on was the cover page and I drew a banner with the word March inside of the banner in the middle of the page. I also drew some planets, asteroids and stars around the banner and the page.

When I was done drawing, I was done drawing the planets I painted them in with watercolor paint. I made some of the planets look like they have one color, some with a two colors and I made one with stripes.


Galaxy Bullet Journal Calendar

The second page I made was a calendar page. I made the calendar first and then I drew a banner with the word March in it above the calendar.

Then I made a box for my to do list and video ideas list to go and I placed them under the calendar. I also drew some planets, asteroids, and a moon all around the page.

When I was done drawing everything I painted all of the planets and the asteroids in with watercolor paint. I made the planets two different colors, the moon gold and I painted a galaxy where the words to do and video ideas are at. I also colored in the days of the week in with a pink marker.

Mood Tracker

Galaxy Mood Tracker for Bullet Journal

The third page I made was for a planet mood tracker and for this page I drew 31 planets and stars.

When I was done drawing I put a number next to each planet and star. I also added some extra stars and planets because i missed a few of the planets and stars.

The next thing I made are three boxes and I placed a word next to each box. The words I placed next to those boxes are happy, sad and stressed. I colored in those boxes pink, blue, and purple.

I wrote the word mood in cursive with a marker and the word tracker in capital letters with a pen. I also drew four lines with stars on the left and right of the words mood tracker.

The last thing I did was that I made a galaxy with pink and purple watercolor paint at the top of the page. When the paint was dry I added some white dots to represent stars with acrylic paint.

Weekly Spread

Galaxy Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

For my weekly spread, I made galaxies over the days of the week and I colored in the planets and asteroids with watercolor paint and the moon gold. I also put some washi tape on two edges of the to do list box.

Music Playlist

Music Playlist Bullet Journal Spread

The last page I made was for my music playlist and I made the page similar to all of the other pages but I drew a box for all of the music I found in March.

You Can Watch the Video Here:

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  1. Your drawings are beautiful, Emily! And I love your voice!



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